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The one crucial area that everyone needs to retire for the night, the bedroom. After a long arduous day out at work or school, everyone longs for the sweet embrace of comfort that is their beds. Considering that we spend on average of 8 hours a day for sleeping, the importance of a conducive environment to do so is certainly a high priority. So, with the help of our brilliant designers and creative minds, let us help you create the best bedrooms for you and your family members to relax and enjoy in.

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Living Space

Taking it outside the bedroom, as soon as we take a step in, what we look forward to is a home that is both warm and welcoming. A beautiful living space helps everyone in the family to relax, have a meal and sit around, enjoying each other’s company. As an area for everyone in the family to gather and spend those precious moments together, it is one of the most essential parts of the home you will want to make the most of. With us, that is exactly what you can do!

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As we venture out of our homes, we will recognize plenty of spaces for commercial uses. Such as restaurants, businesses, offices etc. To get both the traffic you need to boost your sales, the commercial spaces you utilize has to be attractive and effective in its usage. We will first understand the values and goals of your business before making the best use of the space available for your benefit. With us here at artisan space, you already are one step ahead of your competitors!

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With True Cost Transparency (TCT) renovation works are brought to homeowner without further mark up. And pricing are all made transparent versus tradition method. We serve, We Don’t Sell. Over at Artisan ID Group, we are the first to implement this TCT so as to give our client the upmost user experiences while shopping for their home renovation.

Modern Minimalist

4 Rooms MacPherson Spring BTO

Modern Minimalist

4 Rooms MacPherson Spring BTO with our TCT


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FREE Consultation

It is important to us to fully understand what your needs are when it comes to designing your homes. So here at Artisan, we offer FREE consultations for you to know more about our practices, the design concepts and have a rough visualization of your home designs.


Having the most stunning designs and homes do not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket! We believe in giving you the best value for the quality of the finished product.

FINEST workmanship

We pride ourselves in our quality assurance for all work done. From the designing process to the completion of your projects, we use the most premium materials, coupled with our expertise to present the finest workmanship for you and your family to enjoy.

Excellent service

With Artisan, we base ourselves on having great working relationships with our customers. Having a good rapport and mutual understandings will facilitate the entire process and progress of your home projects. Be it any enquiry, concerns or feedback that is given to us, we will use it to better our service to you and to any future projects we undertake.

  • Accredited Interior Designer
  • Accredited Interior Designer

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