About Us

Since 2013, Artisan ID Group. has been in the business of providing professional interior services spanning from design concepts, feasibility studies, space planning and project management, to complete turnkeys solutions.

Accomplished by inspired professionals of over a decade, our objective is to provide great experience to support and work effectively with clients in producing supreme quality, combines with innovative and efficient project outcomes that meet the requisite needs.

Supported by dedicated teams comprising multi-disciplinary professionals, we strive to comprehend our client’s requirements and specifications to capitalized for every wealth invested. With recognition to the valuable experiences acquired through our positive accomplishments, Artisan ID Group is well known to be one of the leading firm providing distinct prerequisites and technical advice to client as desired.

Managing Director
Christopher Lee (ACE) | Principal Designer

1st Casetrust-RCMA jointly accredited Design & Build renovation company in Singapore to implement and offer True Cost Transparency (TCT) renovation packages to all discerning homeowners wanting to renovate their home, whether partially or completely.

Company Motto

We serve, We Don’t Sell!

Company Mission

Our absolute best commitment to homeowners, all renovation items are carefully considered, comprehensively and clearly quoted in the True Cost Transparency (TCT) order form. We strive hard to ensure and enforce that all prices quoted to our homeowners are exact our direct factory price or suppliers / vendor’s cost to us without intentional upfront mark-ups or impending hidden costs later. We do not profit from renovation items ordered through TCT.

Unit prices for renovation items are OPEN and TRANSPARENT. They are directly sourced from certified suppliers and vendors. We do not and will not charge higher prices to some items and use the extra revenue to subsidies others. (Examples discounts & free gifts). All our certified order-taking DeXigners not only assist homeowners taking down their renovation orders using the TCT forms but will also actively engage homeowners by assisting them with their renovation needs, such as design and styling.

Why True Cost Transparency (TCT)

Because at artiXan ID Group, we are “price-sensitive”. We like to set prices capturing the TRUE value of the products and services rendered but most importantly, we prefer to “think like a customer”. We aim to provide the user-experience while setting the price. As customer have different renovation needs, hence we understand the importance to offer different pricing needs. We also advocate “Value-Based Pricing” (VBP)

What is True Cost Transparency (TCT)?

TCT provide pick-an-item option which is essentially a very important component for a renovation project to have a successful outcome for homeowners.




Renovation items’ unit prices are direct cost to cost from factory / suppliers / vendors to us. These costs being open, transparent and exact are then offered direct to homeowners.

Homeowners have options, but here’s the reason why they choose US!

  • Design-centric one stop renovation company
  • Creative and service-oriented designers
  • True Cost Transparency (TCT) packages
  • Quality & sound advice, products and services
  • Casetrust-RCMA joint accreditation
  • 100% deposit refund
  • HDB registered
  • Direct one year or more warranty from suppliers / vendors
  • On-site supervision
  • On-time completion

Value-Based-Pricing (VBP)

At ArtiXan Id Group, Value-Based-Pricing (VBP) comes in the form of Fee-For-Design Service (FFDS) and Fee-For-Site-Supervision (FFSS). These services are unbundled and paid for separately from TCT.

Our Partners

We believe in gathering the right resources and partners to provide you the best.