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Reinstatement Services

As it is with most offices in Singapore, as the term of lease has come to an end the tenants would be required to reinstate their offices to their original state. The terms of reinstatement would be mentioned in the contract to ensure the property would be properly returned to the landlord upon expiry of the contract terms.

As every occupied office would be renovated in some fashion throughout the term of lease, the following are some of the processes required during reinstatement works:

1. Any additional structures, partitions or false walls that have been implemented has to be hacked down

2. All equipment, furniture or decorations that were not present originally would also be required to be removed

3. The general paintwork, colors or wallpapers added to the interior of the office space would also have to be considered and redone to match its original shade.

4. Air-conditioning and their compressor units would also be required to be removed

5. Any carpeting has to be uninstalled to return the flooring to its original structure

6. Lightings and electrical work done would also have to be uninstalled, while relocating the original electrical points

At Artisan, we understand how moving in and out of offices can be overwhelming, with processes and renovation works to take note of at both ends. Not only do you have to ensure the outgoing office is being reinstated to a pristine condition just as you acquired it, but to also ensure the moving of equipment to the incoming office goes smoothly as well.

Be rest assured as we do acknowledge the tight deadlines for reinstatement some managements might set. Therefore, we will arrange for an onsite visit to determine the work required and provide the most competitive quotes for the job overall.

With us, have a peace of mind as we work closely to ensure your reinstatement project is handled as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. With the proper office plans and requirements as determined by the office management, we will thoroughly assess and determine the best course of action to carry out the reinstatement works.