It’s your biggest investment or money spent while planning to renovate your spaces and we are certain that all our clients deserve the best and not to be short change. How many times have you walk into an Interior Design firm and felt the pressure selling immediately right after you sit down? We would say “MOST OF THE TIME”.

We folks in Artisan ID Group are space owners oursleves too and we could comprehend the process of selecting the right ID firm are somehow daunting. We are not stating that we are the Best nor the Worse. Somehow we understand the process is never easy hence we strive to ensure our clients are provided with the best information and we believe in AFTER SALE SERVICE! Because we want you to introduce your friends, relatives and everyone that you know to experience Artisan ID Group services.  We want you to walk out of our showroom with a smile and go back to your space with a peace of mind.

We believe all spaces deserve the right planning and visualization to exploit the best potential. From HDB to Commerical to Retail. We believe in getting it right from the beginning is the best strategy.

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First and foremost, we want to bring our customers’ vision of their home to life. We aim to give the best creative and custom design solutions as every customer’s need is different.

With the latest contemporary modern designs, together we not only bring to you the style but the comfort as well. Our experience in the industry helps us be up to date in the latest trends and thus advising you on the best way to move forward on the project. After all, your home is the place that would make you feel safe, comfortable and cosy to help you relax after a long tiring day.


Sometimes despite having space available to us, we struggle to get the most out of it. Be it for our own private residence or for commercial usage. Thus space planning is key to build a proper foundation before any designing and renovation can occur.

The space available will first be analysed by our designers while getting a better idea of your plans for each area and its purpose. Only when this has been established, can the proper designing and allocation of furniture take place.


Planning and designing can all be well represented on a drawings and sketches. However, a 3D visualization of the interior space, which clearly depicts its lighting, depth and texture of the surroundings would give customers a better overall idea of their design.

Any further revisions or edits would be easily conceptualised which would remove the need for starting over a whole new piece on the drawing board. These virtual conceptualizations are much quicker to conceive and complete which can make the entire designing process smoother for both parties as well.


The entire project would revolve around not not the designers and customers themselves, but also the various contractors, architects, managing the materials and parts involved etc. as well.

Smooth management, communication and liaising  between the various parties are necessary in order to facilitate the project processes from start to finish. Regular visits to the project site would also give clients constant updates on the progress while also ensuring the project would follow the stipulated timeline.


In the beginning, it is important to first understand what are our customer’s wishes and goals for their design. Therefore we offer free consultations for customers to get a better idea of their needs to figure out how best to bring their design visualization to life.